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R13 1 month ago
not working 3 days ago on colombia (deskpot site)

Harry B 4 months ago
Star Plus isn’t working in uk

Sanjana 9 months ago
Please cut down the new serial promotion ads, it pisses PPL off! In an act of wooing PPL towards watching a new serial u guys are telecasting the repeated ads so much so, it is driving way the PPL, it irritates and agitates me atleast.

Cristopher Pereira 9 months ago
Not working in Bolivia, app message says: Service unavailable in your region.

MEENA KULDIP 10 months ago
not working Canada H8R 3X3

Subhas 1 year ago
GM still starplus missing in livenettv apk pls let us know how to get back on list plays ty

Subhas 1 year ago
Starplus channel down in uk in apk livenet red box etc...but we are paying thus channel to virgin media why the stop be generous

Subhas 1 year ago
Star Plus down uk with apk live net t.v. and other my question where live net tv positions now ?

Franco 1 year ago
In Argentina Login is not working

Ruben Guevara 1 year ago
+507 Panama is not working

Ariel 1 year ago
Star+ down in Chile

Fio 1 year ago
In Peru the app is not working in any kind of device. The only way to access is via web. It's been almost 5 days and they still haven't found a solution.

P Ponce 1 year ago
170903 - service is down here in Ecuador!

Luis Garcia 2 years ago
In Colombia, there is some kind of outage...

Mickey 2 years ago
In Colombia its blocked the android app to start, the only way to access is on a web browser

Catalina Posada 2 years ago
057 Colombia - star plus it's down. Not working. Checked internet connection, reinstalled, clear cache.... Not connecting


Information about Star Plus

Star Plus is an Indian General Entertainment channel which features Hindi Drama serials, reality shows, etc. One can stream the channel on Disney-Hotstar App. In the past decade, Star Plus has aired some of the award-winning Hindi drama serials. They always host award shows and new year celebration. They do have historical serials lined-up and people love it.
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