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Ranjith 3 months ago
Hathway down in bengaluru today. Very bad customer care. Says all executives are busy

Pavi 3 months ago
Hathway down ..chennai 20

Sudhir 5 months ago
NO Internet connection at Bangalore Today. Customer care is dead. This is Proabably worst service provider in India

Ashok 5 months ago
Issue is going on in Adambakkam area, technicians are not attending the call. It's been 6 days not moving anything. Online customer care is worst only the automated Diva robot is responding. No proper escalation channel. Looking to change the provider. Chennai 600088.

Vignesh 6 months ago
Still the issue not solved they said within 72 hours they will resolve the issue it's been more than 5 days and Still giving fake promises to me and the customer care people speaking with so much of attitude and telling we can work like this only its our wish .

Vignesh asokan 6 months ago
From yesterday morning its not working and no response for the tickets raise also and no customer care number working..... worst service.......keelkatalai 600117

Gayathri 6 months ago
Hathway is down from cyclone.Complaint registered it's been one month still no person contacted almost 5 complaints registered for same connection.Even I call local hathway person they blocked my number because it is always busy and not picking the call.My one months recharge amount vent in vain.I don't know still how many more months it take to fix.600097 Chennai

venkat G 6 months ago
From December 6 to December 27, Hathway Internet has been consistently non-functional. Despite raising multiple tickets, they remain unresolved and are automatically closed after 24 hours. Hathway's service has been extremely poor, and I am considering seeking a refund in order to switch to a more reliable service provider.. Zip code : 600044 City: Chennai Hathway acc number : 1170003979

Praveen Kumar 6 months ago
Internet is down from Dec 10 till today Dec 23. It has been full two weeks of no internet here in Anakaputhur, Tambaram. Such a worst service by hathway. Other broadbands have managed to get their services up and working. Hathway better shut down your business in Chennai.

Anbarasan 6 months ago
Internet is down from dec 05 to till 20 Dec 2023 - Pallikaranai 600100

Sarathy 6 months ago
The staff has not provided a good response on the internet outage that began on December 4 and is still ongoing. They have only advised us to wait, but it would be better for the customers if they could provide a precise time frame.

prabhu 6 months ago
No connection nearly 1 week. Called customer service multiple times, no proper resolution. Worst service, will disconnect.

Sathya 6 months ago
Internet is not working since dec 4. Till now (18th dec) the connection is not restored. Horrible experience.

Saleem 7 months ago
Internet is done from Dec 10th with LOS still not resolved poor service and other networks are restored how poor this network has been..

Shanmugarajan 7 months ago
Internet is down since 12th morning. Chennai 49, Villivakkam. Everyday your customer care executives say 'pls wait for 24 hours'.

Ravi 7 months ago
Am a Hathway broadband customer from IIT colony, Pallikaranai, Chennai. Internet is not working from 9- Dec, it was almost a week. Very poor customer care and services. No proper response till date. Very very worst.

Vaishno 7 months ago
I am a Hathway customer in New Colony, Pallikaranai. Network has been down from 13th morning. I have raised a complaint ticket in the app and called customer care several times but unable to connect with even the Customer care executive. No response from the local technicians who came and fixed my modem also. Very very very worst situation. Unable to view my OTT channels. Very poor response by Hathway. But the ads they gave for new connection were so attractive

Rajesh 7 months ago
Hathway in tambaram sanatorium is down since morning.

Swetha 7 months ago
Chennai 40, from December 11th no network... Loss of signal.... Request raised still no response from them... Called the engineer many times not picking up his phone....they should give compensation for this.... I have not been able to use internet properly since 3rd... They must extend the validity to all who are affected

Srinivasan 7 months ago
From Chrompet. Hathway not working from 11-12-2023. Red light blinking. Still not rectified. Complaint raised through mail and Customer care through mail, but no respose and still inprocess.


Information about Hathway

Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd, commonly known as Hathway, is a leading provider of cable television, broadband internet, and digital voice services in India. With a strong presence in key Indian cities, Hathway has established itself as a household name for seamless entertainment and high-speed internet services. However, like any other service provider, Hathway is not immune to outages or service disruptions which are often a result of technical glitches.

Common Hathway Disruptions and How to Address Them

Several issues can disrupt Hathway's services. Some of the most common include connectivity problems, slow internet speeds, and cable television interruptions. Here are some tips to help you resolve these issues:

1. Internet Connectivity Issues

If you're experiencing internet connectivity problems, try restarting your modem or router. If the problem persists, check if there's a service outage in your area. If not, contact Hathway's customer service for further assistance.

2. Slow Internet Speeds

Slow internet speeds can be a result of various factors, including network congestion, poor Wi-Fi signal, or issues with your device. Check your internet speed using an online speed test. If the speed is significantly lower than your plan's advertised speed, contact Hathway's customer service.

3. Cable Television Interruptions

If you're experiencing interruptions in your cable television service, check if your cables and connections are properly secured. If the problem persists, there might be a service outage in your area. If not, contact Hathway's customer service for further assistance.

Remember, the best way to address any service disruption is by reaching out to Hathway's customer service. They have the necessary tools and information to diagnose and resolve most issues. Additionally, they can also provide real-time updates on service outages and expected resolution times.

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